The whole world is
ready for video…
is your business
Video Ready?

Video Ready is specifically designed to give you all the benefits of video conferencing with a no-hassle, all-in-one predictable monthly cost. No fuss, just a great high definition video experience, every time.

A Video Ready bundle, available exclusively through our channel partners, includes your choice of Cisco video endpoint, a three year maintenance contract and a UCi2i ‘Connect’ video managed service plan as standard – instant, on-demand, B2B and unlimited video calling for use both inside and outside of your organisation.

With Video Ready, you require no infrastructure, management, support or expertise, offering significant cost reductions and an affordable and reliable way to video enable your business.

Why Video Ready?

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  1. Choose your Cisco video endpoint
  2. Receive your Essential Operate
    maintenance contract

    giving you 24/7/365 access to highly trained engineers and software updates. 
  3. Receive your UCi2i Connect
    video managed service plan

    giving you instant, on-demand, fully supported and high definition video communications.